East Texas woman drops 90 pounds; makes lifestyle changes

East Texas woman drops 90 pounds; makes lifestyle changes

TYLER (KYTX) - Sometimes weight loss is more of a marathon than a sprint. That was certainly the case for an East Texas woman who's battled her weight since she was a teenager.  She finally lost 90 pounds and she intends to keep it off.

The formula is pretty simple.  Dawn May never gave up. She tried Weight Watchers 5 times before sticking with it.  Almost a year ago, Dawn decided she wasn't going on a diet, she was adopting a new lifestyle and never returning to old habits.

"When I was 16 years old my parents divorced and I believe it was at that time that I turned to food for comfort," says Dawn May.    

Dawn May admits she spent much of her life as an emotional eater.  She turned to food again after being diagnosed with breast cancer 6 years ago.

"I had gotten up to 286 pounds.  It was pretty devastating," says Dawn.

Dawn decided it was time to make some big changes.  She decided to take a 6th shot at Weight Watchers keeping track of her points for every snack, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

"I knew from doing it before that just the diet wasn't going to keep off the weight," says Dawn.

So, Dawn started exercising five to 6 days a week.  She even brings her shoes to work at NETHealth in Tyler and fits in a 15 minute walk on her break.

"What I found is the best kind of exercise for me is the kind that I would do," says Dawn.  "I love to dance and I have started taking a line dancing class."

Dawn's choice to live a healthier lifestyle has not gone unnoticed.  In April, NETHalth recognized her in their employee newsletter-- calling her a new person and congratulating her for meeting all of her goals.

Dawn's no longer wearing her size 28's. She's in a 16. A size 12 is her goal.  She says it really boils down to healthy choices and planning.

"Now, when I come home from grocery store, I cut up celery and wash my grapes and when you open the refrigerator, those are the first things you see," says Dawn.  

And she sees her success, inspiring others.

"They feel like if you can do it, they can do it. That has been almost as important to me as losing the weight," says Dawn.

Dawn has another 44 pounds to go to reach her ultimate goal.  She plans to do that by adding weight training to her workouts and continuing Weight Watchers meetings for support.


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