East Texas woman loses more than 60 lbs, drops from size 18 to 8

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TYLER (KYTX) - An inspiring Fit City update. Two years ago we spotlighted Goodwill for helping their employees get healthy paying them by the pound to lose weight. One of those employees is down from a size 18 to a size 8. Shannon Carter shares her secret to success.

This is not Shannon Carter's first time losing big. In 2004, she weighed almost 300 pounds. She turned to bariatric surgery for help.

After losing more than 100 pounds, Shannon's weight started to creep up again, close to 200 pounds.  That scared her enough to start making some changes.

"It was really important to me not to become a statistic and I was rapidly becoming one," says Shannon Carter.

Shannon says she was becoming one of the patients who gain the weight back.

"I was finding myself eating for the pure enjoyment of eating because I loved food," says Shannon, "I would be like, where is my next meal?"

Shannon Carter stopped being able to get into her clothes and started paying the price with her health. "I was pre diabetic. I was very borderline on the sugar. I was pretty close to having to do Metformin," says Shannon.

Instead of taking medication, Shannon decided to take control of how much she was eating. "It is all portion control. I eat a lot of Lean Cuisines and Smart Ones. I love the little Special K breakfast sandwiches," says Shannon.

She took advantage of Goodwill's offer to get paid 10 bucks for every pound she lost. "We do it every quarter and I have had a pay off every quarter," says Shannon.

Now, Shannon's down to 138 pounds. Shannon's paying her weight loss forward by donating her clothes, where else? Back to Goodwill.  "Bags, huge trash bags.  I can't even tell you how many in fact, I have got to do that again," says Shannon.

Shannon's closing in on her secret goal, a size 6. Because if you go to Goodwill, you see a lot of great size sixes.

Shannon only has 10 more pounds to lose, based on her doctor's advice.

To reach that magic number, she plans to keep up her walking and diet of no soft drinks and portion control.



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