East TX mom finds Fit City Success in weight room

Fit City

TYLER (KYTX) - The weight room can sometimes be an intimidating place, but it's exactly where an East Texas woman found the confidence she needed to get fit and healthy.

LeaTasha Skillern spent her childhood and teenage years struggling with weight. She says losing the weight really has been a journey and she wants others, who are dealing with weight-loss to know that.

"I didn't gain weight by eating a couple of days. I gained weight by consistently doing the wrong things and I lost weight by consistently doing the right things," says LeaTasha Skillern.

LeaTasha Skillern tipped the scales at 210 pounds when she was 20.  She's 38 now and a lean 135 pounds.  She started getting strong about 3 years ago when she started 360 Fitness. She's heavy into weights now, but back then her comfort zone was cardio classes.

"I didn't want people to look at me and say WOW, she is so skinny. I wanted them to look at me and say wow she is so fit," says LeaTasha.  "That's my end goal. What people need to keep in mind is fitness is a journey. There is going to be another goal that you are going to want to hit.  That's what makes it fun."

LeaTasha hits the gym 6 days a week and is working to put another 5 pounds of lean muscle on.  She's also adopted a clean eating lifestyle. LeaTasha sticks to the motto of shopping from the outside aisles of the grocery store where the fresh products are.

LeaTasha says if you're worried about starting in the weight room-- start in your comfort zone and work your way there. She says getting fit has also help her daughter, who is shy like LeaTasha, that it's good to try new things.


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