ETX man loses 130 pounds with a simple recipe

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TYLER (KYTX) - A Tyler man, who struggled with being overweight since he was little found some inspiration in a friend.  It was a friend's weight loss and a doctor's prognosis that spurred him onto Fit City Success.

Clint Cooper's transformation started with Weight Watchers.  His doctor suggested he try that, but if that didn't work, the doctor told him bariatric surgery might be next.


"It started in elementary school and just kind of snowballed out of control," says Clint Cooper.
By the time Clint graduated college and turned 23, he was up to 360 pounds.

"The road I was on at that high of weight, I knew that something had to change or I wasn't going to have a long life span," says Clint.

Clint says he was always active as a child playing sports, but he fell short on his nutrition, until he started Weight Watchers.

"I was really surprised at the results because just making decisions to eat vegetables and fruit was a big part of it.  Portion control, eating the right things, that kept me fuller longer. I wasn't hungry all of the time," says Clint.

Clint also makes an effort to get into the gym 3 to 5 times a week for cardio.  "I just started running and jogging.  I started with a 2 mile loop.  I couldn't run it all, but I would run it in increments and slowly but surely I got to where I could," says Clint.
Right now, he loves to spin.  One reason is it's a big calorie burner.  You can spin off 500 to 800 calories in a session.  "That is usually 45 minutes on the bike straight and at first it was tough, but once you get into it, it is very addicting," says Clint.

Clint's determination helped him lose 130 pounds. "Those first 5, 6 months. It flew off, because I was so entrenched in exercising and eating right.  It sounds kind of flippant.  People ask, 'was it really hard?' And I say, No it wasn't," says Clint.

Because once Clint put his mind to it to live a healthy lifestyle, his life change for the better.  "I feel much more confident and I feel like the sky is the limit on what I can do," says Clint.

Clint believes others can enjoy the same Fit City Success.  "If you put your mind to it," says Clint.

Clint is still setting new goals.  He wants to work on core and strength training as he works his way down to 200 pounds.

Clint believes there is a misconception that you're going to be hungry when you start on a healthy diet, but he says that never happened for him, he just filled up on the right foods. He fills up on things like-- carrots, zucchini, squash and broccoli.



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