Fit City Success: Mom of 2 training for fitness competition

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TYLER (KYTX) - An East Texas mom struggled with her weight before having kids, then she had two babies within a year and half.  That just escalated her weight issues, so she made a choice-- she wanted to live a long healthy life for her children. That's what started her on the road to Fit City Success. 

Sarah Farris' transformation can be traced back to wanting to be better and feel better for her new family.  She took charge of her health by working out at home first, then she joined a gym a couple of years ago and big changes started happening.

Sarah Farris is lean and healthy now, but it wasn't always that way. She struggled with weight topping out at more than 200 pounds

"I had my first son and I was really overweight.  I knew I wanted to live a long healthy life for him.  I wanted him to value himself.  The only way I could teach him to do that was if it reflected that I valued myself," says Sarah Farris.

With the birth of her second son, Sarah decided to join 360 fitness.  "I kind of dove head first into the weight room.  I have 2 brothers, so I have always had a little bit of a competitive nature about me," says Sarah.  "I wanted to do what the guys did and I think that fueled my training process.  I wanted to get in here and go for it."

Sarah pushes herself hard 5 days a week in the weight room.  "I am actually going to compete in my first fitness competition in the fall.  That is really where I am geared to, put on a little muscle mass and lose as much body fat as I can," says Sarah. 

Sarah now works with a trainer to help her meet her fitness and nutrition goals. "Having two small children can be difficult, because they want the cookies and the snacks.  I try to give them the healthy options, but I don't want to deprive them either.  I always make sure my meals are ready to go.  My snacks are ready to go," says Sarah.

Working out has helped Sarah make incredible changes on the outside, but the changes on the inside, Sarah never imagined.

"Absolutely not.  I used to be one of the most shy people I knew. I didn't make friends easily, I wasn't social at all.  Now, I am excited to get out and meet new people and experience things for the first time, I feel like I new person," says Sarah.

Sarah is the active mom she wants to be for her two little balls of energy.  She hopes by setting this healthy example for her boys that a battle with weight won't be an issue for them. So far, so good.  They already like working out with Sarah.


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