Fit City Success: Two East TX Kung Fu black belts pass their Sifu Test

Fit City

TYLER (KYTX) - Daniel Hoce and Brent Hooser trained for years to become level 5 Black Belts. But the training to attain Sifu, well that's something else.  Imagine 3 days of grueling tests-- running 10 miles, Kung Fu forms tests and a written exam.

Hoce and Hooser have been training like Olympic athletes.  "Pretty much 2 or 3 times a day, everyday is something," says Daniel Hoce.  "I hired a couple of trainers even though I am a trainer," says Brent Hooser.

Both guys work on strength, conditioning and mobility. "A lot of running, biking, swimming," says Brent.  That's when they're not working on their Kung Fu fighting and weapons skills with Sifu Brandon Jones here at Tyler Kung Fu and Fitness.  "We have lots of forms training," says Daniel.  "We have about 60 forms, about 30 without weapons and 30 weapon forms that we will be playing," says Brent. "2 man sets training, what we call sticky hands, our version of sparring," says Daniel. 

They're also being tested on their teaching skills.  "It's not just performing at this level it's about being able to teach it," says Brent.

Sifu Jones says his students, who are both instructors at his school, are defying the odds in Kung Fu.  Most people, who train and take the Sifu test, are in their 20's, maybe their 30's.  "I'm 40. It's tough, but the Kung Fu keeps you young and I think that is the secret," says Daniel.
"I'm 51. It's very unusual. I don't know anyone else who has taken it at this age," says Brent Hooser.

Brent and Daniel were the oldest ones taking the test last weekend, but they broke through the age barrier.  Their students can now call them-- Sifu Hooser and Sifu Hoce.

Brandon Jones says the other people testing over the weekend were inspired by Brent and Daniel's determination, ability, and focus.  Daniel and Brent make up an elite group.  There are only 15 Sifus in the U.S. Kung Fu Exchange. 



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