Foam Rolling offers pain relief and other fitness related benefits

Foam Rolling offers pain relief and other fitness related benefits

LONGVIEW (KYTX) - Foam rolling is becoming a fundamental part of many people's fitness routines.  Trainers compare the benefits from these foam rollers to a sports massage.

You can find them at gyms and in sporting-goods stores now.  We found one for $18 bucks at Academy. A massage can run $60 dollars or more.  Trainers say it is important to learn how to use the rollers first.

Alissa Rash is a competitive dancer.  After a back injury, her doctor suggested Athletic Performance Texas to her.

"We started out foam rolling and we did trigger point therapy.  Mainly it was my back and moving down my legs," says Alissa Rash. 

Josh Gonzalez starts Alissa and all of his student's workouts with self-myofascial release.  That's the fancy term for foam rolling.

"What we do with this is we actually look for knots in the muscle," says Josh Gonzalez, trainer.

Athletic trainers say the technique helps muscles get back in a straight line improving flexibility, muscle recovery and movement efficiency.  It inhibits overactive muscles, and often provides pain reduction within minutes, if you're doing it right.

"A lot of times I will see people roll it like a rolling pin and that's not what we are looking for. We are wanting to find the spot that hurts and stay there for 30 seconds at least," says Gonzalez.

Once the pain goes away, you know it's time to move onto the next muscle in your leg, glutes, calf, or whatever muscles need therapy. 

"If you sit along time you are actually placing a lot of pressure at that sciatic nerve, so a lot of times we can find that muscle in the glute and find that pressure spot start to release it and the pressure comes off that nerve and pain will stop radiating down the leg," says Gonzalez.

But there are some areas to be careful.  "There are some spots you don't want to roll on, like in part of the vertebrae," says Gonzalez.

Alissa never imagined a piece of foam could do so much to alleviate her pain.  "After the first time he really took me through it, I could just tell there was a release in my muscles.  Over the course of a few weeks is how long I saw major results," says Rash.

If you've never tried foam rolling, Josh suggests starting with a smaller size that's not too cumbersome, so you can travel with it.  He says foam rolling sessions combined with the right flexibility and strength program can really help prevent injuries.

Trainers with the National Academy of Sports Medicine say foam rolling is not appropriate for all people, including those with congestive heart failure, kidney failure, or any organ failure, bleeding disorders, or contagious skin conditions.




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