J.B. Journal: East Texas Auctions

(KYTX) - Auctions have a long history with the first being recorded as early as 500 B.C.

Almost any day of the week you can find an auction taking place in East Texas with the selling of cattle, homes, businesses and other goods.
Tonight  J.B. Smith takes us behind the scenes. 

It's part of American history, world history." "Good auctioneer is normally a good poker player." 

Wayne Mazy has been an auctioneer for 35 years.A skill he perfected over time.

"Like a musician the more you practice the smoother it got."

It also takes experience to read the crowd.

"I don't have to look for bids, they flash at you, are ready, you know it, take their, go quick, people don't have time to sit and think, really want this or don't."

Sitting in the audience, you will find doctors, lawyers,farmers and plenty of junk dealers.

"Just about any occupation,collectors, people for fun of it, I have people sitting in that audience that were there 25 years ago, I have people it's their first time."

Items at this auction included antiques, a mink coat and even a mounted elk head.

"Four and a half .....buyer 129."

These bidders are looking for bargains.

"You can buy something for 2 or 3dollars or several thousand dollars, it really depends on tonight what's here and who's here."

Wayne says you can pretty much sell anything if you present it to them in the right manner.

"Probably most unusual item I auctioned off was a log cabin built in 1834." Some sellers bring him sentimental items.

"Your mother's cookbook might mean a lot to you but it doesn't mean anything to anyone else, as an auctioneer tell them if it's so valuable to you don't sell it."

"We take things out of people's houses, businesses, can't move or get rid of somebody goes home with it."

A part of buying and selling that will never be going,going, gone! I've had people come to sale, I come to auctions, I love to win."

For CBS 19, I'm JB. Smith and that's my story 


Over the years auctioneering has progressed with the internet and ebay where buyers can send in their bid without being there.

If you want to attend an auction you can find auction houses all over East Texas and you can also contact them to see if they are interested in appraising your items to sell .


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