J.B.'s Journal: Bobby and Ken

jbs journal

"We play jazz, blues, country,rock-n-roll, everything but rap and hard
rock we do."
Nestled among the leftover Christmas sale items and Tylercandles…
the sounds of Ken on the cornet and Bobby on the keyboards fill the air…
"I love to entertain."
 as diners enjoy their meal.

"Even when they're talking not paying attention to it see their foot
pat they're with it, know what we are doing."
Hearing familiar songs…
 "We've been playing the same 100songs for years people request."
brings back memories.

"Someone came in one night how long you have been at Potpourri House, I
said uh….he said 21 years, cause I ask my wife to marry me here."
Regulars like Jack Pollard come almost every weekend.

"It's easy to dance to…have a good beat, they'll play anything you want
played when you're a dancer."
Bobby remembers coming to work on 9-11.
 "I played God Bless America, everyone stood up in this restaurant and
sang God Bless America."
A passion for music you see and hear when they perform.

"What I feel the music it self, I get my eyes closed, I'm with the music
the whole time."
 "Bobby and Ken have been together over 21 years, that's longer than a
lot of marriages last, their music is easy to listen to and it makes you
want to dance."

"Music is what I do, what God put me here to do."
Beautiful music they hope to continue to make together as long as they
 "We know what the other one is thinking, we're just like brothers."
 "I know when we hit the last note,that we put on a good performance for
the people and they enjoyed it."

For CBS 19, I'm J.B. Smith and that's my story.


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