J.B.'s Journal: Chess club

J.B.'s Journal: Chess club

Most kids prefer video games but some play a board game that's been around for thousands of years. In the Emmy Award winning J.B.'s Journal, J.B. Smith shows us how East Texans kids enjoy mastering chess.

"I like to bring out the pawns first," Javier Destarac said.

It's tournament day for the Tyler Chess Club.

"It is important to castle so you can protect your king," Javier said.

Playing against real competitors is a move 14-year old Javier looks forward to.
"I like in person because you can feel the pieces, watch the person, what they're thinking."

12-year-old Clarissa progressed up the ranks quickly and now goes up against the adults. She just returned from a world chess tournament.
"I played for the U.S. in Slovenia, played 11 rounds, I won 3 games, lost 3 games, drew 5 games," Clarissa said.

Chess originated in India around 600 AD.

"There's no age discrimination, no gender discrimination, even the very young or very old continue to play chess."

A game that continues to attract new players because of the mental discipline needed to out think your opponent.
"Sometimes, I mix it up, just move out of the blue, think ahead, just not think about what I'm doing ... I lose," Surya Dasgupta said.

During the match, the room is very quiet except for the hitting of the clock to let you know how much time is left.

"It's about the experience for me, even if I win or lose I still learn from mymistakes during the game," Clarissa said.

A game they constantly want to master.

"I like using the magnetic chess board causeI can take it in the car on long roadtirps and play against my sister, even though she's not a very good player," Surya said.

 "I don't think there's another game like chess," Javier said. "You get trophies, feel pride in winning,
compete again."

The Tyler Chess Club plays every Tuesday night at Barnes and Noble on South Broadway at 6:30 p.m. in the café.


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