J.B.'s Journal: Dr. Wilson Veterinarian

TYLER (KYTX) - A Tyler veterinarian has been taking care of East Texas pets and livestock for over 40 years. Tonight in J.B.'s Journals, Sheriff J.B. Smith shows us how veterinary medicine has changed since Dr. Steve Wilson started practicing.

Dr. Steve Wilson first gained experience to be a veterinarian at Glenwood Animal clinic in Tyler while studying at Texas A&M.

"I don't want a salary, not going to sweep floors or clean dogs, I want to stand by you and learn."

After graduating in 1971, he asked for a job.

"I often say God loves Steve Wilson because every door has been opened for me from the day I asked would you hire me to now."

The clinic was open 7 days a week and 80 percent of their practice was seeing large animals.

"You spent a lot of time at people's homes, ranches, you ate dinner with them, ate breakfast, got to know them and their kids.

"This is the exam room, original exam room, table was original when I came."

The building looks like it did when it opened in the 1940's but over the years they have added modern equipment, more rooms and more staff.

"It's been72 years since the Glenwood animal clinic opened its doors, Dr. Wilson still treating East Texas pets but now he's added a few exotics."

In 2002, Dr. Wilson started taking care of the animals at the Caldwell Zoo.

"It was mind boggling, also mind stimulating at the same time, so little known about so many of the animals, your breaking new ground all the time."

In recent years he's been honored by the Texas Veterinary Association with the non-traditional species award and most outstanding veterinarian in general practice.

"Keep on doing what I love, taking care of animals, being at the zoo, I walk around the zoo whistling, can't believe someone is paying me good money to do what I do and have that much fun."

For CBS 19, I'm Sheriff J.B. Smith and that's my story.

The Glenwood Animal Hospital has also been honored by the state as one of the oldest continuously operating veterinary practices. They are still in their original location from the 1940's on Glenwood in Tyler.



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