J.B.'s Journal: Pinball Craze

J.B.'s Journal: Pinball Craze

Pinball Craze

The 1950's is called the golden age of pinball but over the years the popularity of the game dropped with the creation of video games. Tonight in the Emmy award winning J.B.'s Journal, J.B. Smith
shows us how pinball is bouncing back right here in Texas.

"Right now it is experiencing the biggest resurgence that we've seen in years." Lights….bumpers…flippers…all part of a classic American game. "Pinball changes all the time, you have to understand the game,
you don't just keep banging the flippers and hope you score something. Once a year, thousands of players gather at the Texas Pinball Festival.

"When it started 13 years ago, the people on the floor were mainly guys like me, you walk through this hall today, see half women, a lot of kids."

Over 400, pinball machines to play; from the old electro-mechanical…to this latest creation, with an LCD monitor, themed after the Wizard of Oz.
Butch "Get pinball back on the map again start a new renaissance, think we're doing that."

"But finding a pinball machine to play at a local business, can be difficult, that's why more players are buying them for their homes."
"As it turns out when you put out a high quality item like this, the home market steps forward says I got to have one in my home."
George "I think the collector's market has been incredibly active and impactful in the last five years." Manufacturers are targeting new players with innovative machines like --- The Avengers.
"The character comes to life, you fight the Hulk, he's batting the ball back at you, he's talking trash to you, he's a real life thing your interacting with."

A form of entertainment that is constantly evolving. "Pinball survived all the things its been through the past 50 years, I think pinball will continue to thrive."
Pinball has remained popular in Texas.

"Once you understand what you have to do to the machine then you can use some skill."

For CBS 19, I'm J.B. Smith

"Pinball is definitely here to stay." and that's my story.

The Texas Pinball Festival is held each March inDallas. Besides playing hundreds of pinball machines, the event also
includes tournaments, lectures and a chance to buy your own pinball to take home.


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