J.B.'s Journal: Square Dancing

J.B's Journal

(KYTX) - Square dancing came toAmerica with the colonists and while it's popularity has swung up and down…it's a dance you can find all over East Texas. 

"Your feet just do it, don't think, feet automatically move.

Pat Cawley started twirling around the dance floor in her petticoat 12 years ago when she learned how to square dance.

 "We dance with our club,other clubs in East Texas, dance at the state level."

The dance has four couples in a square taking directions from a caller.

 "A mixture of French,Scottish, English folk dances, all combined to give us what we know as square dancing."

It might look easy but it takes months of practice to learn all of the moves.

 "So it's very important when you are square dancing be mindful, continue dancing, pay attention to what the caller is telling."

 "Somebody always there to help guide you in your place most of the time won't make a difference no one will even know."

 "I've been calling almost33 years."

 "A lot of dancers anticipate sometimes I'll call something they think something else is coming,I'll change it, call something else."

 "There are dozens of square dance clubs like the Rambling Roses right here in East Texas and you'll find them dancing like this numerous times every month."

 "I think it stays alive just because of fun and fellowship."

 "Form of dance everyone can participate, young children 90 year old, same square."

A dance they believe will continue for many years to come.

"We feel like we are keeping the tradition alive."

The state square dancing festival will take placeJune 12-15 at Harvey Convention Center in Tyler. There are square dancing clubs all over East Texas and you can click on the big red box to find where all the dancing takes place.


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