J.B.'s Journal: Star Wars

EAST TEXAS (KYTX) -- Star Wars made movie history when it opened 35 years ago in May of 1977. Tonight in J.B.'s Journals, Sheriff J.B. Smith shows us how some East Texans are still fans of this worldwide pop culture phenomenon.

It's been 35 years since the premiere of Star Wars. Now, three East Texas Jedi Masters gather, each remembering their first visit to that galaxy far, far away.

"I remember sitting in the theater when the Millennium Falcon went into hyperdrive, everyone in the theater gasped."

Carroll Roge was surprised at the audience's reaction when he saw the movie on
opening night in 1977.

"It was the first time they had seen science fiction, light hearted, thought it was a comedy, they laughed the whole time; couldn't understand the dialogue."

A few weeks later, his second viewing, exceeded his expectation.

"I was completely captivated and fell in love with the movie," Roge said. "Saw it eight times that summer after that."

Time and again, Mike Tobin transported to the theater long before it came out on video.

"I wore out a complete set of videotape, so probably 20-30 times a piece and when it was re-released watched it more than that."

Shelly Tobin was introduced to Star Wars on her first date with Mike.

"My husband can quote everything," she said. "When I ask a question I get the entire commentary, he can even do the voices."

Like in his favorite scene in the movie.

"Looks over at him and says I find your lack of faith disturbing, does his thing with the hand and the guy starts choking." 

Everywhere you look you find Star Wars toys, games and action figures. The force is still strong after 35 years.

So why has Star Wars stood the test of space and time?

"Something in the storyline, characters, that it's going to continue to be popular for a long, long time," Mike said.

"It was something we could relate to yet new and different and fresh," Roge said. "That's what makes people go back to it over and over again."

"We've already got three generations that are into it. It's going to continue, absolutely, it's part of our American mythology."


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