J.B.'s Journal: The Trooper

J.B.'s Journal

(KYTX) - In the 1930's, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were American outlaws and robbers from Dallas, who along with their gang, killed thirteen people which included several law enforcement officers.
One of those officers killed was from East Texas.
When they pin that badge on walk out they don't know whether they're coming home that day or not. 22 year old Holloway daniel murphy became a trooper with the texas department of public safety and was assigned to the fort worth area.

"It was H.D.'s first day of regular duty after training."

Trooper murphy was working with trooper edward wheeler easter Sunday, April 1, 1934 when they came upon a car near Southlake.
"One was standing on either side of the car, they reached down got their gun came up ten feet away, boom, boom, boom, automatic shot gun, man on steering wheel side shot man in front, one on other side shot man in rear."
"Mr. Bob had h.d.'s shirt hanging in there while he was preparing the body, folks said it had holes all in it in the back where the buck shot had hit him."

"All of his dreams, all of his life, going to be married two weeks later, how everything he hoped or dreamed of was snatched away from him for pulling up and trying to help somebody and the people he stopped were notorious murderers bonnie and clyde."

H.D. And marie Tullis, his high school sweetheart , were to be married on April 13.  

"She ended up wearing that wedding dress to his funeral."

Marie never married.
Trooper murphy was buried in the old palestine cemetery near alto.

 "Being the youngest trooper ever killed in the line of duty in texas, he and his partner e.b. Wheeler also were the first troopers ever killed in the line of duty."

Bonnie and Clyde were gunned down a few weeks later on may 23, 1934 by law enforcement near Shreveport.

Recently a memorial was unveiled at the Cherokee county courthouse to honor trooper Murphy.

 "I think its important that we remember H.D. Murphy who was killed in the line of duty because he represents the best we have to offer in our young people."

 "H.D. was doing right that easter Sunday morning and he paid the price for it."


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