J.B.'s Journal: White Buffalo

EAST TEXAS (KYTX) --  "It was an honor he was born to me, an honor, he was born at this ranch."

When Arby Little Soldier moved to Greenville, he painted the buffalo sign to his ranch white – even though the odds of producing a white buffalo are one in ten million.

"Friends would ask me where's your white buffalo, said 'he's coming.'"

May 12, 2011, the white buffalo arrived. Lightning Medicine Cloud was born during an intense thunderstorm.

When Arby spotted something white in the herd the next day, he thought it was a coyote.

"I was in the binoculars, eye to eye, I said 'oh my goodness, what is this?'"

As the white buffalo prepares to celebrate his first birthday, he might be harder to spot, because his fur is changing colors.

"He will change from white, cream, rust, brown," Arby said. "When he changes color shows he's one of the spiritual buffalos."

According to tribal legend, there will be four white buffalo, first one born in 1833, second one 1933, and now Lightning Medicine Cloud. The story of the White Buffalo Woman is important to Native Americans, to remember when she saved the people from starvation with great herds of buffalo.

"This is the third time she has returned and the fourth time will be like Revelations in the Bible."

White buffalo are extremely rare and must have certain markings to be considered sacred.

"Has to have black eyes, black nose, black tipped tail, male."

Arby said he is going to keep the white buffalo on the ranch. He said his elders told him he was born to the Texas area, he's born at your ranch, stays in his own environment.

Arby, who says he's a descendant of the famous chief Sitting Bull, wants everyone to know Lightning Medicine Cloud belongs to all of his people.

"It's very special and very spiritual that one has been born." 

A Native American powwow will be held to honor Lighting Medicine Cloud on May 11 and 12 at the Lakota Ranch in Greenville.


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