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J.B.'s Journal

(KYTX) - "Barbecue is universal, they've been cooking BBQ in all parts of the world for who knows how long."

The origins of barbecue go back to when the Spaniards landed in the Caribbean.

"Just fire and smoke that's all you need to make proper BBQ."

In the early days of barbeque it wasn't always about taste.

 In order to keep meat longer they the meat markets would smoke it as a method of preservation so they could still sell it before it spoiled.

Nick Pencis,owner of Stanley's Barbecue in Tyler knows barbecue. He's been recognized several times as one of the best in Texas.

 "The best tasting BBQ to me is a straight up piece of fatty brisket from big thick end with all that bark, salt, pepper, smoke, hands down that's the best piece of BBQ."

Barbeque blew across the nation like smoke from a fire pit.

 "Carolina style, Kansas City style, Memphis style and the primary cut for all those styles is pork. When you get to Texas BBQ beef becomes prominent main player."

A question of culinary pride that cuts deep.

 "Beef is king in Texas."

 "It's the best kind of BBQ. The guys on the East coast know that which is why they're trying to figure out how we're doing it."

And what about….the sauce.

"On East coast, find a lot of vinegar sauces."

"The central Texas style, the roots, you don't find sauce."

 "With sauce, without, it doesn't really matter, because its absolute heaven. But using a fork with ribs, no way."

 "Back in the day you had to get you fingers in there and tear off and eat however you had to.

"You're eating with your hands, getting in there after it, all over your face,you eat BBQ with people that you love close with because you look silly sometimes when you're doing it."

And what'sNick's favorite?

"A piece of fatty brisket on a piece of white bread with some pickles and onions on it, there's nothing better than that."

For CBS 19,I'm J.B. Smith

 "It's really great that everyone is recognizing that BBQ comes from Texas,they're all coming here to see what's going on in Texas."

and that's my story.


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