Justin and Gillian share their journey to Fit City Success... inches and pounds lost, muscle gained

Justin and Gillian share their journey to Fit City Success... inches and pounds lost, muscle gained

TYLER (KYTX) - Justin Earley and Gillian Sheridan weighed in for the last time for their 90 day fitness challenge at XTC Fitness and Sports. Now they begin a new chapter maintaining the weight and inches lost. Over the course of 3 months, they transformed their figures and diets.

It really was a team effort. Justin and Gillian never gave up. Tony Cruz at XTC put in a lot of hours to create a workout that would give them the results and Let's Cook in Tyler created healthy meals to give them energy for exercise and work.

"I am feeling ecstatic for these two. They have come a long, long way," says Tony Cruz, XTC Fitness & Sports. 90 days ago, Justin Earley and Gillian Sheridan were ready for a change. "I am a middle aged woman with a couple of kids and I had some weight to lose. Getting started is the hardest thing ever. The first week, I thought, I am never going to make this for 90 days. My advice is just get moving. Once you get moving and start feeling better, it is easier to get in the gym," says Gillian.

As a busy working mom, Gillian's daily workouts were a casualty of her packed schedule, but not anymore. "You have to schedule time for yourself. You have to schedule time to exercise. You have to plan out your meals. It just doesn't happen without some work," says Gillian.

She worked out alongside her CBS 19 news partner, Justin, 3 days a week. Justin wasn't struggling to get into the gym, but to work through an injury. "If you remember when I first got into this, I wasn't even running. I couldn't run because my leg wasn't strong enough. These step ups and jumps, that I never thought I would be able to do again because of the strength training on my leg, I am able to do it again. That is immeasurable. I am so thankful," says Justin. Tony Cruz says, "What I wanted to do was build his confidence in that the injury will start taking care of itself. We ran a mile and a half, a mile and three-quarters. I told him, you can tell, you have lost a great part of your limp."

From the get go, Tony Cruz pushed Justin and Gillian, many times, farther than they thought their bodies could go. "We wanted to make sure they understood there is going to be a demand. The X in XTC stands for Xtreme. The T is for Training and the C is for Conditioning. "It was a combination of weight and cardio training. I didn't think in 90 days I could lose almost 25 pounds. I am very surprised," says Gillian.

Gillian also lost 6% body fat, more than 20 inches overall and 8 and a quarter inches in her waist alone. "She is a quick study. When you give her a task, she hits it pretty hard," says Tony.

Justin also achieved his main goal of increasing his strength and getting toned. In every part of the body that they measured, I lost, except my arms and chest, which is where I wanted to gain it anyway. In the other places, I was losing fat and I feel pretty good about that," says Justin. Justin lost 4 and a quarter inches in his waist, gained 2 inches in each arm and more than 2 inches of muscle in his chest, but it wasn't easy.

"Your body has this point where you think you are exhausted and want to stop, but you can go beyond that and you will. He (Tony) does these drills where you are relying on someone else to get through a workout and those are the times when someone else is counting on you that you push past the wall of mine and keep on going," says Justin.

Now the challenge is to keep living healthy and keep eating well balanced meals like the ones Let's Cook prepared. "I am going to continue the lean meats and vegetables and not the desserts, not the snacks and when I do, it will be healthy snacks," says Gillian. "The food education has been good too. There a lot of great healthy things you can make yourself that are not very high in calories."

Justin and Gillian's 90-day Fitness Challenge is no longer a challenge; it's a way of life.


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