Justin Earley and Gillian Sheridan accept a Fit City challenge of their own

Justin Earley and Gillian Sheridan accept a Fit City challenge of their own

TYLER (KYTX) -  Evening news anchors, Justin Earley and Gillian Sheridan are excited to share a Fit City challenge they've accepted-- to overhaul what they are eating and how much they are moving.

They are partnering with XTC Fitness and Sports, along with Let's Cook in Tyler.  Right now, Justin and Gillian have a few weeks under their belts, working hard to get into a smaller belt.  CBS 19's Dana Hughey is following their journey for Fit City, so you can join us as we tone up and get fit.

Justin and Gillian are putting it all out there in this 90-day challenge.  Like so many of us, they're busy and that can get in the way of eating good, nutritional food and making time for working out.  They've got different reasons for wanting to lose weight and gain muscle, but they're committed to doing it as a team.
You can't gauge how far you've come with a new workout system, without knowing where you are at now.  "For me personally, I think I am in a position where a lot of guys are right now.  You get to the gym when you can and do your best, but time is short, you go through the drive through and grab a burger," says Justin Earley.  "I stopped working out a couple of years ago. I got busy with volunteer work, I got busy with 2 daughters.  I came up with every excuse in the world why I couldn't schedule it," says Gillian Sheridan.

For Gillian and Justin, their 90 day transformation started with a sobering step on the scale, body fat and body mass index calculations
"Your BMI is good so you are pretty healthy," says Tony Cruz, Owner of XTC Fitness & Sports.  "Body percent fat, we will work on that."
And lastly, they took measurements.  "I am not even going to try and hide it," says Justin.
Tony Cruz at XTC Fitness and Sports keeps all of the measurements.  "It was hard to hear. I knew that's what they would be, but it was still hard to hear and see," says Gillian.
He also records what limitations you have.  
"I find myself after my broken leg, falling in the same pattern of things to do, because I can't run and there is a lot I can't do anymore," says Justin.
Tony works around that, but not-- "Complaining, there is very little complaining in my regimen," says Tony. "We will be on our best behavior," Gillian replies.
Both Gillian and Justin are serious about getting in shape and ready for Tony's system.
"It just makes sense that we would step into this together and do something good for our lives, our families, for the station… just jump," says Justin.
"I need energy to keep up with two busy 4 year olds. So that's another reason to do it so I am healthier, have more energy and I can be a better mom," says Gillian.

The very next week, Gillian and Justin were in the gym sweating and testing the limits of what their bodies could do.

"To put it in simple terms, it is a push pull scenario, where I let a portion of the body rest and while the other portion is working 85-100%.  So, they get maximum benefit and there is a little down time and they end up burning more calories," says Tony.
For 30- 45 minutes Tony keeps them guessing, mixing in weights and exercises using their own body weight.

"I did put them through a pretty good regimen, but I changed it up so nothing would go into total failure," says Tony.
"What Tony is teaching me, when you feel completely fatigued, like you are ready to quit, if you will just focus, you can do more than you really thought you could do. 
"I am really proud of her being a mom and working so hard, without hitting the gym in a couple of years and how much she's done," says Justin,
Justin and Gillian are also team building while they're toning and making their bodies more efficient.
"That actually inspired me to do a little more and work harder in those team workouts because there were times I was struggling. I got a little sick to my stomach for the first time since Jr. high football," says Justin. 

The workouts are tough, but worth it-- giving up is not an option for these two.
We are going to be tracking Justin and Gillian's progress and giving everyone a peak into their diet... how they like it and more importantly... how they're feeling.


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