Keeping your fitness promises after Thanksgiving

Keeping your fitness promises after Thanksgiving

TYLER (KYTX/CNN) -  Right now, you may be stuffed from the Thanksgiving meal and left-overs, but gaining weight this holiday season is probably not on your "Wish List." There are some creative ways to keep your fitness promises to yourself, without succumbing to the guilt of overindulging.

Experts say it takes hard work between Thanksgiving and Christmas to keep off the extra pounds. It's not just leftovers you have to resist, but you also have to resist the urge to be a couch potato. From pumpkin pie to egg nog, holiday fitness almost seems like an unfair fight. Thanksgiving itself is round one.

"It's called the Bermuda triangle because we have the 3 holidays right in a row," says Janet Peterson.

Janet Peterson with Weight Watchers in Tyler says its important to stayed plugged in, whether that's returning to a meeting or meeting your workout partner for post-thanksgiving sweat sessions.

"I would be out in the driveway, walking and running, walking and running as much as my little legs could handle," says Andrea Connor.

Andrea Connor fits in extra activity during the holidays and keeps track of it with her active link
"It also helps me de-stress from other stuff going on," says Connor.

CNN fitness experts say to give yourself a fighting chance, set real expectations of yourself now to stay on track during the next two months. Here is some of their expert advice on how to do that.  

Number one -- less is more. The key is intensity experts say, not the amount of time you spend in the gym. They advise kicking up your routine a notch with heavy weights or inclines. Being quick protects your waistline and your family time.      

Number two -- wear gym clothes as pajamas. Dressing in your gym clothes the night before makes you 'ready to roll' the next morning.

Number three -- schedule gym time. Many people want your time during the holidays, but you have to run your gym time like a business. Experts advise highlighting three hours a week at the gym over each week for the next month and treat it like a business appointment.   You can always stay accountable like they do at Weight Watchers and weigh in.

But just keep in mind if you took one too many bites of dressing and pie today...
"We don't want people to feel guilty. It's not what you do now, it's what you are going to do next that really makes a difference," says Peterson.
  Here's another idea to burn some calories-- take holiday shopping off-line. Online shopping burns no calories at all. Experts say to shop the old fashioned way at the mall. You can burn 200-300 calories just by moving around the stores.



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