New fitness trackers can help you keep your fitness goals

Fit City

TYLER (CBS/KYTX) - If you or someone in the family is looking for extra motivation to exercise and get into shape, a slew of new and improved fitness trackers can help.  There are a few shopping days left to surprise the fitness fanatic in your life with one these new gadgets.  In this week's Fit City, a look at the latest offering in wearable tech.

From the new Nike fuel-band to the Fit-bit force, activity monitors take the guess-work out of how much exercise you are getting and the calories you are burning.

These cool fitness gadgets track your physical activity throughout the day and on top of that offer information for personal training. 

It doesn't matter if you're a couch potato or a gym rat - the booming fitness tracker market is bound to offer a gadget that suits your needs.

"After my second baby, I was looking for something to track my food and exercise," says Kimberly Kennedy, Tyler mom.

Kimberly Kennedy depends on her smartphone for that.  She downloaded the app, My Fitness pal.  "All of us have our phones on us so it is really nice.  I have 2 kids. I have 2 jobs so I have to have something that is mobile that I can take with me to track how well I am doing towards my fitness goals," says Kimberly.

Kimberly hasn't invested in a tracker yet, but she's thinking about it. The little gadget could help log all the steps she takes running her store, Fickle Baby.

One of her options, Nike's new Fuelband SE.  This updated version costs $150 dollars and adds a splash of color.

"The new Fuelband SE, we have tightened up our algorithms, so now we can precisely all day activity as well as get into high intensity ones as well as low intensity activities," says Jenny Campbell, Director of NikeFuel.

Users can also log activities more accurately.

"People can also retroactively change an activity so if you're doing something like yoga, you can tell it, it was yoga and it will calculate that past time differently," says Josh Lowensohn, CNET Senior Writer.
But Nike is not the only player in the game.  Fitbit offers several options, from the zip, a basic clip-on tracker to their latest, the force, which has some smartwatch capabilities.

"They just introduced a product that's $20 cheaper and actually hooks up with cell phone and tells you when calls are coming," says Josh Lowensohn.  The Force runs $130 dollars and can also tell you how many floors you've climbed.

Another crowd favorite, the $130 dollar Jawbone Up features a bendable design crammed with sensors that track everything from what you eat to when you sleep.  It even logs mood swings.
The current design darling of activity monitors is the $120 dollar Shine from Misfit Wearables that's worn on your wrist, pocket or as a necklace.  

The new Push Band targets fitness buffs. Worn on the forearm, this $150 dollar device monitors the metrics that matter most to serious athletes.

Many of the trackers sync with Kimberly's My Fitness Pal and makes them even more enticing.
"I am up on ladders, putting up clothes and that sort of thing, so certainly I keep active in this job.  Maybe I will be inspired to get a Fitbit or something to track that. I don't even count that currently in my exercise diary," says Kimberly.

If a healthy heart is your primary concern, the $100 dollar Withings Pulse is one of the few devices that offers a built-in heart rate monitor.  The right fitness tracker could nudge you to kick your activity level up a notch.


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