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(CNN) - It's been a very long winter for most parts of the country. If the cold weather months brought lots of time sitting on the couch and eating those comfort foods, spring weather brings a good opportunity to get back outside, and to reboot a healthy diet.

After a cold, ugly winter, spring sunshine is finally pushing many people off the couch.

Personal trainer Josef Brandenburg says the approach is the same whether you're starting a fitness routine for the first time, or picking up where you left off in the fall.

"Start small and then you can always get bigger. So like working out three days a week consistently, will get you so much farther than kind of doing fits and spurts of six days a week," says Josef Brandenburg, personal trainer.

Start small, and start simple.

"One of the best exercises for your upper body and your core, is a pushup," says Brandenburg.

Basics like pushups and squats.

Brandenburg says to think of a spring fitness plan as a long-term commitment rather than a quick fix. And in tandem with a spring fitness routine, should be healthier eating.

"You want to make a manageable commitment with your fitness, and you also want to make a manageable commitment with any nutritional changes that you're going to make," says Brandenburg.

The warmer weather will bring some new options.

"In the spring in particular, we see more apricots and artichokes, um, and we see the seasonal berries are going to be coming out, early cherries, and so if it looks good to you, if it's a fresh fruit or vegetable, add it in the basket," says Rebecca Scritchfield, registered dietitian.

Registered dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield recommends spring cleaning the pantry, making room for new items.

"Herbs and spices will really help you flavor food without adding salt, spices and fat. When you have a nice, neat kitchen, you're going to be much more likely to get in there and cook. When you make your own food, it's much more likely to be healthier," says Scritchfield.

A healthier lifestyle likely to put a spring, in your step.


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