The skinny on Justin & Gillian's meals during their 90 day fitness challenge

The skinny on Justin & Gillian's meals during their 90 day fitness challenge

TYLER (KYTX) - It's a myth that hitting the gym gives us free reign to eat what we want.  Exercise and eating right really do go hand in hand.  Research backs this up.  People who maintain a healthy diet and workout regularly receive much greater health benefits than those who do one, without the other.
Justin and Gillian have adopted that philosophy with the help of XTC Fitness & Sports and Let's Cook in Tyler.  We are checking their progress in this week's Fit City.  

Justin and Gillian are enjoying the convenience of the Trainer Approved Meals To Go. The Let's Cook menu is designed to take the guess-work out of a healthy diet.  You know how many calories and how much protein you are eating before you ever take a bite. 

Finding a healthy meal, fast was once a struggle for justin and gillian when they got hungry.  Maybe you've been there, too.
"The vending machine every time. I love Kit Kat bars, love them. I love M&Ms, I love all of these chocolate desserts," says Justin Early, CBS 19 Anchor,

But Justin and Gillian are now feeding their cravings with fully prepared and cooked healthy meals.

"Basically, we do the shopping. We do the cooking, we do the calorie counting for them," says Kyna Clendenin, owner/operator of Let's Cook.

Kyna Clendenin is the owner- operator of Let's Cook. It's quick cuisine is designed to maintain Justin's and Gillian's energy as they work to meet their fitness goals during the 90 day challenge. 

"Because they are balanced meals, I have energy. A lot of that is starting the exercise. The exercise makes me feel good too. But eating right which is an even larger part of that equation, I feel like I can keep going. So it has fueled me very well," says Gillian Sheridan, CBS 19 Anchor.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are prepared in the Let's Cook kitchen and delivered to XTC's cooler for people to pick up as they leave the gym.

"Everything is portioned out. Our proteins are 4 ounces. The starch is ¾ cup and your vegetables are ½ a cup and so you don't have to think about what you are eating," says Kyna Clendenin.  Kyna says the meals are made with fresh ingredients that are high in protein, but low in sodium.

"We have little things that we do.  We have No-salt Salt that adds flavor and adds potassium which is actually good for you," says Kyna Clendenin.
"Using lots of veggies and sautéing them before you add them to rice, so that the flavor is not overwhelming, but you still have the sweetness of the bell pepper."

Healthy food that looks and tastes great is important to Kyna and her chefs.  

"They make a really good cauliflower mash. It kind of looks like mashed potatoes. It is really good.  It kind of has a bite to it," says Justin.  "There is trail mix that's really good, which I put in greek yogurt," says Gillian.  "They make a really good steak and bell pepper dinner. It is just like it came off the grill," says Justin.  "They've got a bar that's good, some snack cookies, but the chicken they put in the meals and veggies are all really good and really fresh," says Gillian.

The good eating habits they're learning from Let's Cook are paying off in the gym and at home.  "We have already made changes at my house. We are cooking healthier. My husband and 2 girls. We are all eating healthier," says Gillian.  "The biggest thing I have learned from this is you do not have to give into your cravings," says Justin.

Justin and Gillian are taking care of their bodies, by what they eat and as a result, are feeling better every day.  Let's Cook also teaches classes on how to cook healthy at your house.  The chefs at let's cook are also working on adding some gluten free and paleo meals to their menu.

They will also work with you if you need to customize a meal, as Justin and Gillian are doing this week, cutting out rice and breads.


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