Tyler woman is almost 80 lbs. lighter, celebrating Fit City Success

Tyler woman almost 80 lbs. lighter, celebrating Fit City Success

TYLER (KYTX) - An East Texas woman on the verge of weight loss surgery makes one last effort at exercise and a healthy approach to eating.  Karri Ohlhausen's commitment to changing her life helped her drop almost 80 pounds.

It wasn't an easy transformation, but Karri Ohlhausen says the hard work is worth it.  She had to give up the greasy foods she craved for fish and vegetables.  She also had to try workouts that tested her physical stamina and mental strength.

Never say never. That's how Karri Ohlhausen feels about running, now.  "I told Cody, 'I don't run.' I went one time around the track and I was breathing hard and thought I was going to fall over," says Karri Ohlhausen.
"I told her I can get you to where you love running. She didn't believe me," says Cody Dees, ETMC Olympic Center trainer.
But now, Karri can go 3 miles around the indoor track at ETMC's Olympic Center.  "I am enjoying it too," says Karri.
Karri started training with Cody Dees back in July.  She also committed to the Lite-4-Life class.
"I have always been heavy. My heaviest was 272. I was 261 when I started," says Karri.
It's a weight management program that teaches aerobic exercise, strength training, healthy eating and positive thinking. So people like Karri can lose weight and keep it off.

"The classes talked a lot about food and diet and fitness and I had never been athletic or wanting to exercise. My trainer Cody taught me that I could push myself and do more than I thought I could," says Karri.

Now Karri is working out 5 to 6 days a week.

"We do endurance training which is higher reps and we combine it with cardio. We will do some kettle bell swings and then run a lap or two, come back and do some squats and mix it together," says Cody.

That has helped Karri lose 4 dress sizes.  "I can climb stairs now.  I actually bought some clothes that are not in the plus size section," says Karri.

Karri's gone from dreading vacations.  "I didn't know what I had to look forward to. I wouldn't go places with my friends because it hurt to walk. I went to Disneyland with my sister. I was in tears at the end of the day because it hurt so bad," says Karri.

Now she's looking forward to all her hours in the gym and healthy choices paying off.
"I am looking forward to taking a trip with my friend this summer and walking. I am going to have a much better future than I did before," says Karri.  "She's an inspiration," says Cody.
Cody gave Karri a saying to keep her motivated in the gym and at the dinner table.  He told her, "I never said it would be easy. I only said it would be worth it." 


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