Walking By Faith: Becky Guinn

Walking By Faith

(KYTX) -Want to grab the attention of young kids?? Pull out some paint and paper and start creating "art."
Want to really grab their attention?  Have a teacher who paints with no arms.
Former high school art teacher from Valley, Alabama, Becky Guinn, was in Henderson recently.
She was teaching a group of kids there more than just art.

"I hope they can see someone who has overcome something that was unthinkable," says Becky Guinn.

At the end of 2002 Becky need to replacement her prosthetic heart valve.  That was when the unthinkable happened.  Doctors had given Becky a 24 hour Heparin drip.  It's main purpose to thin the blood.  But an allergic reaction caused her blood to thicken and clot.  Oxygen was cut off to limbs and organs.  She would "flat line twice" and was given a 5% chance of living.
     She came out of the coma, but the severe reaction left an almost "frost bite" type result to her hands and feet.

"But they had mummified," remembers Becky.  "They were already black.  The nail beds were purple and they were shriveled up.  I thought I could move them.  I felt myself moving them inside because the nerves weren't dead.  But it was the tissue that had died like in frostbite. And so the tissue had to be cut back.  So I guess you could have got a body wide infection or that would have killed me.  So they had to amputate. My husband shut the door and I just... It was kinda like I just needed to spend some time with God.  And so he left the room and I just prayed.  This may sound weird but I had an incredible peace. It was just as the Holy Spirit was holding me that whole time.  I've described it like, because I don't know how else to describe it, like a cocoon.  And there is a song about breath of God and that's the way I felt, that God was just in my face. 

The whole experience.  And to go through something like that and to say that's the closest I've been to God and that's a "mountain top experience"... And I would almost if I had any more arms and legs to have cut off I would almost have them cut off just so I could be that close to God again.  Because it was incredible.  I was facing death and He was right there.  So I am not afraid of death anymore."

Six days after being fitted with prosthetics on both arms and legs,  Becky returned to her art room in Alabama.  She would continue to teach for several years.  And she would continue to paint too.
     Now she travels across the country talking with students and adults not only about art but also about a real life lesson that with faith there is hope, even in the darkest of moments.
"I hope they can see someone who has overcome something that was unthinkable. And they can keep going. They can do anything they want to," says Becky. "There is all kinds of wonderful technology that helps us.  There is support from church at large.  Prayer is an amazing support.  Its everywhere, its the love of God.  And I just hope they see that it is possible to become an "overcomer."  That anything you go through in life there is a way to move on with the Lord's help.   And He is definitely faithful."

Clint Yeatts, CBS 19 News.


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