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(KYTX) -Bible based movies are no strangers to Hollywood.  From the classic Cecil B. Demille production "The Ten Commandments."  To the new, more controversial like Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ."

But 2014 has been an especially popular year for faith based movies.
From the T-V to movie screen production "Son of God" to a more controversial Hollywood version of the story of Noah.
     "As time goes on Hollywood is starting to get the picture more," says Times Square Theater Owner Howard Churpa.
     At Tyler's Times Square Cinema faith based movies almost always draw big crowds, especially among the faithful.
     It is also that crowd that often stirs controversy over such movies biblical authenticity and purpose.
     "Why don't you find just somebody you can invite to come see the movie and just see what God does in their life." 
That's what Pastor Mike Davis told his congregation when he bought out screens for showings of "Son of God", "God's Not Dead" and "Heaven is Real."             
     "There is a couple of things personally that I would have done differently but there is probably a couple of things that I say or do that others would have done differently as well," says Davis, "so for me yes there is that danger but the purpose for us was, lets take somebody and lets engage in that conversation so if there is a question we can answer that question we can deal with that question."
     "Well certainly media is a huge part of our culture and especially for our teenagers," says Mickey Aiken.
     Mickey Akin is the youth pastor for Grace Community Church in Tyler and Lindale.
     Earlier this year during a special youth weekend called Overdrive the church took then entire youth group from junior high to high school to see the movie "God's Not Dead".  While Akin admits there is always some risk in that kind of activity he sees it as a great opportunity to reach kids and adults whether believers or not.
"The Bible based type movies, I think present incredible teaching moments and teaching points for the parents," says Akin.  "A lot of people get frustrated I think if it's not completely Biblically accurate thinking that maybe God is surprised by that.  That God would be overly disappointed or shocked that people would do that.  But I think God has shown throughout scripture that he has used a lot of wicked people even in the past to accomplish His purposes.  Scripture tell us that.  So I think as long as we don't set these things up to be scripture but instead to begin conversations about scripture they are very healthy and positive opportunities we can take advantage of."
At least three more faith based movies are scheduled for release later this year as Hollywood cashes in on a growing market for these kinds of films.  And as more and more of the faithful use them for entertainment and evangelism.
     Clint Yeatts, CBS 19 News.      


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