Walking By Faith - Faith In The Work Place

Walking in Faith

(KYTX) - Why don't you act on Monday like you do on Sunday -- may be one of the biggest questions asked of people of faith. Living out one's faith in the work place is not always as easy as it seems.

 "We have an opportunity from within our business to minister to folks each and everyday.  And that's a challenge some days."

     When Chris Phillips decided to open his own real estate business two years ago, he wanted to do things differently.   After years of working for others, he wanted to create successful business environment that would also allow him to also live out his faith while at work.

 "I think a lot of people struggle with how do I take everything that I know about being a Christian and everything I learn on Sundays and bring it with me Monday-Friday at work and again we have talked about it a number of times Clint, its not easy.  (later in this bite)  "If you are in the position to influence others and the influence you want to have on those people is one rooted in your faith it's a natural progression that you that you bring it with you and share it with the people you work around."

Noted author and radio host Dr. John Townsend understands the kind of difficulties people like Chris face when bringing their faith into the workplace.
     Dr. Townsend consultants business around the country on this very subject.
     He says sometimes people put way to much pressure on themselves and that prevents them from living out their faith 7 days a week.

 "The best thing about Sunday is to feel pretty good about what you learned and maybe challenged and then to live that way.  To live the way of a person with hope and happiness and help is and people are sort of waiting for that.  So to take that expectation off of having some kind of speech ready for people.  Your co-workers feel kind of strange about that.  To be a kinder, gentler more honest person makes all the difference in the world."

"And I think if we instead just listen more.  Talk to people about their work, their kids are their kids struggling?  Are they struggling in their marriage?? Do they have a medical problem?  Is their mom really sick?  If we listen more they are much more open to talking to us about faith issues."

Making a difference can show up in a lot different ways.  For Chris, his company takes a percentage off the top of every sale to give to the charity of his client's choice.  
     But living out one's faith in a secular world is not always easy.  For Chris, he relies on other believers to help keep him encouraged and on track.

"And that's a challenge some days.  Not every transaction that we do goes real smoothly.  There are times when it is easier and there are times when it is very difficult.

"To have people in your life that you can go to that have been where I am at that are older than me that I can go to and say this is what I am struggling with.  And my wife is a huge resource for me in that regard.  Not necessarily from a business standpoint but just from a faith stand point.  Just to be able to go to her and share some of the struggles that I have."

"people at your workplace are really looking for life. The Bible talks about how God is seeking people and people are hungry.  So all they need is not a perfect person but a person who has hope and whose life has been changed by God in some way."

Clint Yeatts, CBS 19 News.


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