Walking By Faith - Terra Bibb

Walking in Faith

(KYTX) - Family was something that had always come pretty easy for Jeremy and Terra Bibb.The couple already had two boys when Terra became pregnant with a third child, but early on the Bibb's discovered this pregnancy would be very different.

According to Jeremy Bibb the doctor said Terra's migraines were just part of the pregnancy. It went from a migraine once a week to everyday all day. This went on until December. Eight months into the pregnancy, Terra thought she was in labor and headed to the hospital. 

Doctors again told her it was just the pregnancy, but this time Jeremy was not leaving until they figured out what was wrong. At a nurse's suggestion, Jeremy called a neurologist. Once the neurologist came it took only three minutes and Terra was whisked off for an MRI. At eight months pregnant Terra had a brain tumor the size of an egg.

No one at their San Antonio hospital had ever experienced an 8 month pregnant woman who had a growing brain tumor. They decided to do everything needed at one time.

"They rolled her in. They did a C-section and in the same room a new set of doctors came in the same room and did the craniotomy.  It was about a nine hour, ten hour surgery." Said Jeremy

The tumor was stage 4 glioblastoma. Doctors gave her less than 90 days to live. Terra says she had always been a person of faith, but for the first time what was more of an idea became reality.

The first round of chemo failed to stop the tumor's growth, so doctors decided to put Terra on a new "study" drug. That was almost 4 years ago. Today, she's able to play with Parker and his two older brothers Conner and Rylan. It's a journey that has changed and is changing a family physically and spiritually.

Terra said "I don't see how people get through life without prayer.  And without that stability.  It just…it… It just makes you feel safe.  It makes you feel like you always have somebody to talk to.  There is always someone there for you.  You are never by yourself.  You are never alone in anything."


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