9-year-old who used to be afraid of swimming rescues toddler

Toddler saved

Tyler (KYTX) -- A moment of bravery earns one little boy the title of "hero" in his neighborhood. CBS19's Jaime Gerik shares how he swam to rescue a toddler who fell into a Tyler pool that happened in the blink of an eye.

9-year-old Mason Richardson and his brother were swimming with their babysitter watching-- when another toddler fell in over the edge.
 "I was out here in the middle just laying there on a tube, and I looked away and I looked back, and I saw him in the water. And I went and swam over there as fast as I could," Mason tells CBS19. 
Coincidentally, an adult happened to be snapping a picture at the exact moment Mason sprang into action. Then he went over to the side of the pool, where the toddler's mom was waiting with open arms.

"She said thank you for saving him," Mason said.
Mason's quick action kept the toddler from any real danger--but his family reportedly took him to the hospital just to be sure.
"Seconds count so much in a situation like this," Rebecca Richardson, Mason's mother, said.
And there's a reason this act of bravery was special for her.
"It really amazed me how he pulled through his fear with asthma and the swimming, to the point that he saved another child's life," Rebecca said.

She explains how this all happened.

"The mom thought the child was in the stroller and he was strapped in and was safe and was tending to her other son," Rebecca said.
Rebecca Richardson says she received a text of appreciation from the other parent calling Mason an angel and hero.  Mason told us he didn't know the other boy but would do it for any stranger again if he gets the chance.


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