Diamond ring lost for 6 years found

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(CNN) - When a South Carolina women lost her engagement ring six years ago -- she thought it was gone forever. So imagine her surprise when she got the ring back this Christmas, thanks to a very honest car mechanic.

It was a Christmas to remember -- for the Tiller family in Richmond, VA.

The diamond engagement ring that Adam Tiller gave his wife, Leslie had been missing since 2007, until the Friday before Christmas. Just two weeks ago Jacob Hickman, of Greenville saw it sitting in the cup holder when he picked up his car from this Midas auto service shop.

"I was completely confused, but he said they found it during the service. So, Merry Christmas was what he told me and I drove off and I could not understand or think about why on this earth would there be a diamond ring in my car," says Hickman.

Brandon Estell was the technician who worked on Hickman's hybrid. He said he needed to disconnect the system to do his work, which meant taking out the back seat.

"Usually there's like loose change in there, maybe a dollar bill or something, but nothing like an engagement ring really," says Estell

It was on Hickman's ride home that he realized it wouldn't be right to pawn the jewel because it belonged to his college friend's wife.

It was in his car he still has the same car, it's been six and a half years. I told you it was in the car!!" say Leslie Tiller.

See, back in 2007, Hickman and his new bride, drove the Tillers home from a wedding, in Richmond.

"I had taken it off.  I was trying to clean it.  I thought it had just fallen in my lap, so I wasn't alarmed.  I thought oh when we pull in the driveway, I'll find it," said Leslie. 

The couple was married a month later, with a replacement ring. And now, six and a half years later, with car seats in the backs of both couples' cars...

"This is by far the most magical Christmas I've ever had. I never thought i'd see that ring again!" says Leslie.

"I was really hoping there'd be some sort of story like that", says Estelle. 

Jacob adds, "You can't say enough about honesty."

With that honesty and a timing belt, Midas played Santa.


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