Officer doesn't give up on CPR, saves baby's life

HOUSTON (KHOU) —A local rookie officer is being hailed a hero after saving the life of a premature baby.

The baby was at home with his mother when he stopped breathing. It happened on Jan. 20 at his grandmother's house on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive in Montgomery. 

That's when the officer sprung into action.  

"I walked in. I saw a one-month-old male laying on the floor," said Montgomery Police Department Officer Charity Holley-Snell.

"He appeared to be purple in color," said the officer who was nearing the end of her shift when she heard the call dispatched.

The baby's frail lungs had stopped working. His mother is certified in CPR and had tried to work on him, but could not perform the procedure correctly.

"I broke down. I was crying and I was shaking," said Swanda Hubbard, mother of Ja'Deshawn.

"I'm a parent so it was almost overwhelming. I had to put my personal feelings aside," said Officer Holley-Snell.

The officer worked on the baby for 14 long minutes before the ambulance arrived.

"I honestly believe that I had an angel sitting right next to me and guiding my actions," she said. The officer said she felt "a peace" although minutes earlier she had felt a range of high emotions, including fear.

Finally, little Ja'Deshawn showed signs of life.

"It was actually kind of like a cough and a coo at the same time. It was heartbreaking, but it was also relieving," the officer said. 

Today he is in good condition and has even gained some weight at Texas Children's Hospital in the Texas Medical Center.

If he keeps doing well he should be able to go home next week.

For his parents, the baby born at 28 weeks, weighing two pounds, was a gift from Heaven to begin with. Now they have a second miracle.

"God sent his angels to bring him back in," Hubbard said.

As soon as her son is healthy, she would like to see officer Holley-Snell again to thank her.

"I think she's a hero," Hubbard said.

Unrelated to her heroics, the officer recently got a chance to go to Hollywood to be on Wheel of Fortune. She could not disclose her winnings but she feels she will never be a bigger winner than the day she saved little Ja'Deshawn's life.


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