Woman confesses to stabbing mom, blames satanic cult

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (CBS NEWS) – A Tennessee woman walked up to a local news reporter and confessed on-camera to stabbing her mother, insisting it was justified because her mother was part of a satanic cult.

See her confession video here.

"The satanic cult in this city has been casting satanic spells on me for three, four days. I'm exhausted. I came home and found out my mom was the ringleader and was trying to kill my daughter," Katie Nichols told CBS affiliate WVLT-TVafter abruptly walking up to reporters covering her mother's murder Tuesday afternoon.

"I had to kill her – she was going to kill both of us. She was so powerful, I had no idea – I had no idea that my mother was that powerful," Nichols continued.

The reporter called police and Nichols was arrested.  

Knoxville authorities told WVLT that Nichols' 61-year-old mother was stabbed in the chest, neck and stomach around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday in her Knoxville apartment. The victim was taken to U.T. Medical Center where she underwent surgery.

"When I left, she was still breathing. I stabbed her three times and she should have died," Nichols told WVLT. "She was still breathing. I don't know what happened to her afterwards or where they took her, but she was the anti-Christ. She did not die."

Nichols said that she and her daughter hid out in her car after the crime until "it was safe to come back."

A neighbor of the victim told WVLT that Nichols is not emotionally stable and "needs quite a bit of help."

Nichols is charged with attempted first-degree murder and aggravated kidnapping. She is being held at the Knox County Jail.


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