5 Year Old May swaps his fedora for spiked hair, kid fun

5 Year Old May swaps his fedora for spiked hair, kid fun

(CNN/WCCO) - He's possibly the most adorable city leader in the country, but Mayor Bobby Tufts is now out of office.

Robert Tufts has had plenty of time to practice for his close up.  Dorset has just 20 people in town and they choose their leader by picking a name from a hat.  His two terms as Mayor of Dorset, Minnesota just ended.  The office had its perks.

"Nobody could arrest me. Not even a cop," says Bobby Tufts.  But Mayor Bobby is ready to move on.  He couldn't be a kid while running a town.

"Well, I have to look at the cameras so much I can't be googly eyes and fun and nonsense," says Bobby.  Gone are the fedora and sport coat.  Replaced by a new, more casual look.  "A polo shirt and some spikes. And the spikes just, we have some gel, you put it in your hair and you're spiked."

Now it's time to do what the 5-year-old does best, be a 5-year-old.  A younger brother could soon throw his hat into the race for mayor.

James Douglas Tufts says he's ready, but for now, 16-year-old Eric Mueller is in charge.  Robert Tufts isn't holding back with the advice.  "Be good to the town and don't be mean to it."


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