57-year-old grandmother sedated after contracting West Nile

MONTGOMERY COUNTY (KHOU)  -- The West Nile virus has taken a toll on an 57-year-old grandmother in Montgomery County.

Becky Brisco started showing symptoms of vertigo and nausea two weeks ago.

Her husband says the symptoms quickly evolved from ordinary to severe.

Brisco's temperature suddenly shot up to 103 degrees and she couldn't find the strength to walk.

Doctors at St. Luke's Woodlands Hospital ran a number of tests, and ten days later, confirmed Brisco had West Nile.

"She was freaked out," said husband Gary Brisco. "It's horrible. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy."

Becky was released from the intensive care unit, but the symptoms came back even stronger after she got home.

Her husband says now back at St. Luke's Woodlands for a second time and is heavily sedated in the ICU.

"A month of her life is gone because of a stinking mosquito, and there's nothing you can do," explained Gary.

According to Gary, complications from the virus have included meningitis and encephalitis. He says doctors told him only five percent of West Nile cases are this severe.

"You don't see it coming. You hear about somebody getting it in their 70s or babies but not middle aged people," he said.

Gary says his wife always wears mosquito repellent with DEET. He believes she got the mosquito-borne virus while gardening outside their home in River Plantation, just south of Conroe.

"She was normal, walking, talking, riding bicycles, having fun to five days later, she's on a walker," he added.

Gary wants everyone to be aware of how serious West Nile can be. He urges anyone displaying symptoms to see a doctor right away.

Doctors have told Becky's family that her recovery could take four months.

She is the latest confirmed case of the virus in Montgomery County, and there have also been five other recent human cases.



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