9-year-old Boy sets up Lemonade Stand to Help Raise Money for his Dying Father

9-year-old Boy sets up Lemonade Stand to Help Raise Money for His Dying Father

 JEFFERSON (KYTX) - Glass after glass, customer after customer. Joey Piro is using this ice cold treat to help raise money for his father. Doctors have given his dad just 11 months to live, unless he is given a new heart. Joey is refusing to let anything happen to his dad and is using a lemonade stand to raise money.

"He takes care of me, and I take care of him. Because I love him very much." - Joey Piro, 9 years old.

Joey's dad lives on disability, and his mom works part time at a hotel, two incomes that barely scratch the surface of the medical bills piling up. The couple will be responsible for 20% of the transplant costs.   Paul Piro says his son is the only reason he is still alive.

"He is my man, my boy is what keeps me going." - Paul Piro, Dad

The family says a virus attacked Piro's heart in the early 90s. Since then, it has been in a slow decline. Piro's heart has gone through 4 pacemakers, and has gone into heart failure several times. Some days he feels better than others  but he knows disaster could be a heartbeat away.  

"You want to be around for every moment. A child always does something that amazes you  and I want to be around for that and for everything he needs."

In just two days, Joey has already raised more than 200 dollars. Joey says he will be standing on Jefferson roadsides until his daddy gets back to normal.

The family could potentially owe $200,000. If you would like to help you can go by any Citizens Bank and donate to the account "A Heart for Piro". 


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