90 Day Challenge: Justin's Last Weigh-in

TYLER (KYTX) -- The 90-day challenge at XTC over! But the journey is not. Gillian and I started this not knowing exactly what to expect. But I can safely say the results were surprising to both of us in a good way.

When this first began I couldn't even run or jump. Those are pretty basic things most of us have no problem doing. But the issue I've dealt with has been trying to overcome my slowly healing broken leg and ankle. The strength training Tony Cruz has had us doing has impacted me in a great way. My leg wasn't strong enough to run even for a few minutes when we started this on May 19th but that has all changed. Within about a month and a half I was able to run again. I didn't expect that.

As far as weight goes I dropped a modest number of pounds but this process definitely changed my body. My body fat percentage decreased as muscle increased. The workouts also added a few inches of muscle to my chest and arms while I lost inches in my waist and legs.

You also learn a few things about your food intake when you start weighing yourself weekly. The Let's Cook meals taught me some lessons. Now I'm sticking mostly to chicken, fish, vegetables and fruit. I'm mixing in bread and yogurt as well but not as much as I used to.

I also have to say for the record that I'm incredibly impressed with Gillian's level of self-discipline. She was strict in everything she ate and worked out like a beast, regularly eclipsing me with her speed and endurance during our team training drills. This is a wife, mother, news anchor and community member who challenges everyone to do what they do ... better... because she leads by example.

Thank you to Gillian, the brilliant chefs at Let's Cook, and Tony Cruz who dealt with my lack of focus and coordination with patience and positivity. I am running again BECAUSE of him. And there are no words to truly express my gratitude.


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