A Health Alert: Blood Pressure Range

(CBS)- Lower may not always be better when it comes to your blood pressure. Researchers in North Carolina studied about 5000 people for more than 20 years and found lowering the top number in blood pressure readings below 120 does not give patients any added benefit.  Doctors say the preferred blood pressure range for people with hypertension is 120 to 139. 
(CBS)- The nicotine patch may not be enough for some smokers to quit. New research at Duke University finds using the patch together with drug therapies is more effective for men who are heavy smokers. The researchers said additional studies are needed to investigate what may account for the differences in treatment responses across genders and other populations of smokers.
(CBS)- Sitting too much may increase the risk of some cancers. German researchers found inactivity can put people at significantly higher risk for colon, endometrial and lung cancer. Doctors say colon and endometrial cancers are linked to watching tv because people don't usually drink or eat the right foods while watching tv.
(CNN)- If you don't feel well rested, you may want to blame your electronic devices. Studies show the light and noise from devices like tv's and e-readers can disrupt sleep cycles by tricking your body into thinking it is daytime and stopping it from producing a hormone that helps you sleep. So what do you do? Try an electronic curfew. One hour before bed, remove or turn off all electronic devices in the bedroom. If you have a television, most now have timers that automatically turn of the screen at a chosen time.


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