A Health Alert: People with cancer are living longer

Health Alert

(CBS)- People with cancer are living longer. The american cancer society now estimates that by 2024,  the number of cancer survivors in the US will rise from 14.5 million to nearly 19 million. Doctors say more cancer detection and diagnosis along with more effective treatments are the main reasons they're counting more cancer survivors.

(CBS)- Scientists at the University of Colorado are working on a breath test to detect lung cancer. The aim is to develop an inexpensive test that can distinguish between lung cancer and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). If successful, researchers believe the test could revolutionize lung cancer screening and diagnosis.  
(CBS)- A new study shows the risk of death from surgery is greater on the weekend and in the afternoon. Researchers say the standard of care may be different in some hospitals at off hours. Another explanation could be that there are more emergency surgeries involving seriously ill or injured patients on the weekends.


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