Abbott visits ETX, talks wide range of issues

Abbott visits ETX, talks wide range of issues

Greg Abbott was in East Texas Wednesday night for a quick campaign visit. It's been nearly a year since Abbott announced his run for governor and this summer may be the last break he gets.

"It's an all-out sprint beginning in September," Abbott said.

Abbott was eager to talk about his opponent, democrat Wendy Davis. He said her campaign is run by Obama operatives and rooted in the president's ideology.

"She voted against God in our pledge of allegiance," Abbott said. "And she's for expanding Obamacare. So she's your typical big government, interfere with your life, tell you what to do type attitude and that's just not the texas way."

Davis' campaign fired back against similar remarks last week, saying that Abbott has spent too long catering to political donors instead of the people who will elect the next governor.

On the growing movement to legalize marijuana, Abbott said he has no desire to move the state past limited decriminalization.
"We don't want to fill prisons with people who may have a small amount of possession," he said.

On immigration, no talk of amnesty. Just a singular focus on securing the border and the resources you need to do it.

"We can do that and have the republican party reach out to the larger Hispanic community at the very same time," Abbott said.

Abbott stopped short of condemning the Texas GOP's headline grabbing decision to endorse therapy meant to turn gays and lesbians straight. But he said he has his own list of priorities.

"First is jobs, second is schools, third is roads, transportation and water and fourth is making sure that our border's secure," Abbott said. "If government does what it's supposed to do and then gets out of people's way everyone is a whole lot happier."


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