ACLU worried about privacy with driver tracking software

ACLU worried about privacy with driver tracking software

TYLER (KYTX) - The American Civil Liberties Union is worried about privacy because of cameras mounted on some law enforcement vehicles.

They scan pictures of license plates to find out if there's a warrant for your arrest.

The ACLU worries information could be collected to monitor where you're going and what you're doing.

Lindsay Frazier is generally cautious getting around town.

But if you're driving, the American Civil Liberties Union says you're being watched.

It says the camera software records the date, time and location where a license plate picture was taken.

"I would hope they wouldn't use it, but doesn't worry me. I'm not really doing anything," says Lindsay Frazier.

But the idea is still a little weird to her.

"I have a question about what they're going to do with it, if they keep it to themselves, or give it out to other people," says Frazier.

We're talking about cameras most often found inside law enforcement vehicles, not something you'd commonly see at an intersection on a light. The ACLU is concerned about what happens after those pictures are taken, where they're stored, and who can see them.

"From the court's point of view, we don't even access it at all because we're driving around and trying to catch you in the vehicle to serve the warrant," says Cam McCabe, the city of Tyler's municipal court clerk.

McCabe says the license plate scanning software is used in City Marshal's trucks only searches for people with warrants.

"It'll send a note to the officer that he just passed a car that is actually wanted from the court," says McCabe.

McCabe says the information isn't shared or accessed again.

But the ACLU says if any agency does save it, that compiled information can give someone an idea of what your life is like, and where you might be at any given time.

"I'm already really, really paranoid," says Frazier.

The ACLU wants legislation to regulate the use of the technology.

The ACLU says private companies also use these cameras, and those companies share your information with others, including policing agencies.


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