Affordable Healthcare Act confusion

Affordable Healthcare Act confusion

TYLER (KYTX) - Enrollment for the Affordable Healthcare Act begins in just two weeks.

But many East Texans are still confused about what it means for them.

A poll from the Wall Street Journal shows 70 percent of people don't understand what the Affordable Healthcare Act is, or they may only understand part of it.

31% like it, 44% think it's a bad idea, and the remaining 25% just aren't sure what to think.

"I know it's a disaster," says John Clute.

"Will people be able to pay cash to their doctors? Surely some other way people will get around this," says Yvonne Newman.

Opinions and questions vary as much as the Affordable Healthcare Act coverage would vary from person to person.

"I don't know how much will change, I don't know what costs are going to be, but right now maintaining what we've been doing," says Newman.

Yvonne Newman owns a small business and covers her employees health care costs.

Even with research, she's not sure what could come in the future.

"I provide my own insurance, I'm self employed," says Clute.

And John Clute has just as many questions about the rules, regulations and costs to him.

Health insurance marketplaces or exchanges open across the country October first, giving people a place to shop for plans.

"For most of us, Obamacare is still a mystery," says Robert Hahn, an insurance agent in Tyler.

Even insurance agents like Hahn are still looking for more information.

The cost of premiums hasn't hit the books yet.

But he does know many people who were turned down before, won't be now.

"No longer be any pre-existing health conditions, maternity has to be covered, mental nervous benefits have to be covered," says Hahn.

Some low income families will receive financial help.

He says a family of 4 making about $58,000 a year will get $5,800 in premium assistance.

Hahn says the biggest winners are those who are uninsured, or under insured.

The biggest losers will be those who already have Medicare because of funding cuts and a shortage of doctors accepting it.

All the plans are from private insurance, and they're going to compete for your business.

We did contact several doctors offices and hospitals in East Texas, some said they aren't comfortable talking about the Affordable Healthcare Act yet.

They're still deciphering what it means for patients before it goes into effect.

While open enrollment begins October first, the plan actually goes into effect January first.

Here in East Texas, a discussion will be held October 28th at the Tyler Chamber of Commerce at 7 p.m.


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