After shooting, psychologist breaks down what leads to violent crimes

VAN ZANDT COUNTY (KYTX) - A Ben Wheeler man is behind bars, charged with capital murder, accused of shooting and killing his wife Sunday morning.

The Van Zandt County Sheriff says Larry Maples caught his wife, Heather Maples, at the home of her ex boyfriend, Moses Clemente. He allegedly shot them both. Clemente survived. Heather did not.

The question many people have, is what could lead to something like this? If it was the result of a domestic dispute, how does something like that turn deadly? An expert on the psychology of violent crimes broke it down for us, and others in the community, struggling to cope after this shooting.

"I went into the bathroom and just cried and cried and cried and just couldn't believe it!" said Heather's best friend, Sandy Albritton.

Like the rest of her community, Albritton is trying to come to terms with the shooting death of Heather Maples.

Maples and Moses Clemente were found at this home on FM 16 near Canton.

"Sometimes people's emotions do get the best of them," said Tyler psychologist Dr. Wade French, who is an expert in marriage counseling and forensic services.

"I did a case just like this last year," he said.

He's talked to many people charged with crimes like the one Larry Maples is accused of.

"This is usually motivated by anger, resentment, jealousy and rage and it usually happens very quickly," Dr. French says.

He says people who commit crimes of passion usually follow a similar pattern.

"It's not unusual to see someone commit emotionally motivated acts of violence, and once its over with, they call the police or they just sit and wait for someone to come," Dr. French said.

He says strong emotions like jealousy can become very overwhelming to some people.

"That they are so angry or wronged that in their mind they can justify inflicting injury or death on another person."

These emotions are very real - but then so are the consequences.

"We're all going to be subject to disappointment in life," Dr. French says, "and it's really important that people know how to deal with that."

Dr. French hopes to spread the word that violence is never the answer.

Larry maples turned himself in Sunday morning shortly after the shootings. He is still in jail, charged with capital murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The sheriff's department says Clemente is still in critical condition at Mother Frances Hospital  in Tyler.

No one else was home at the time of the shooting Sunday. Heather Maples leaves behind four children from previous marriages. We're told they're with family members tonight.



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