Alternative to fantasy football no longer a fantasy

ISLIP, NEW YORK (CNN) -- A new startup offers the competition of fantasy football -- brackets, voting, prizes -- for those whose sport of choice is, well, shopping.

The idea behind BattleShop was sparked more than two years ago while two Long Island couples were chatting about the addictive nature of fantasy sports. Those who aren't sucked into that world (mainly women) are left alienated.

They were right: According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, 41 million people in the U.S. and Canada played fantasy sports this year -- and 80% were men.

The two couples (Stephanie Lozito and Andrew Nyman, and Katey and Greg Johnson) brought on Nyman's parents Rosemary and Steven, who has a tech background. Together, they came up with a game that would take the competitive nature of fantasy sports and tailor it for something most women love: shopping.

"We anticipated a need for women who do these things already: they collect, share, shop, pin ... but there has yet to be a way to gamify [that]," said Stephanie Lozito, CEO and co-founder of BattleShop, which launched in June.

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With a simple signup, users compete against one another on BattleShop's website by building out the ultimate closet instead of a team. They "draft" clothing, footwear and accessories instead of sports players to create a winning wardrobe.

Every Saturday at midnight, there's a new theme announced: like Glamping, Wedding Chic and Back to School, which is this week's theme.

There are 12 different articles of clothing or accessories that must be filled without going over a certain amount (there is an option to buy BattleBucks if you can't resist the urge to splurge).


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