Anchor Justin Earley set to return to CBS 19

Anchor Justin Earley set to return to CBS 19 after fall

TYLER (KYTX) - A familiar face is coming back to CBS 19 - after being off air for more than a month.

Justin Earley broke his right leg and wrist more than a month ago--after suffering a bad fall.  

For about a month, Justin's been at home--in his bed most of the time--while he heals from his injuries after two surgeries,  he says he can't wait to get back to work and bring us the latest news.  

A velcro boot. A big walker. And a lot of medication are needed.

"I take this shot every day in my stomach so I don't get any blood clots," Justin said.

 Justin suffered a bad fall in January--breaking his wrist and leg.
His wrist is almost back to normal--but he's had to undergo two surgeries on his leg.  He now wears a boot while his leg continues to heal.

 "I have a rod, plates, several different posts and screws in there holding it all together. 18 screws keeping my leg in place."
Justin says he's trying to stay in shape - physically and professionally.

"I'm watching the news.  With the new set and everything, it's been such a change it will be like going back to a new place, but the people and quality is the same, and I'll be glad to see everybody and be a part of it again."

Justin's mother has been taking care of him, and co-workers have  been keeping him in the loop. But he says support from the community have been the biggest blessing.

"The people in East Texas have sent so many nice cards and so many nice comments on Facebook and  that it really has touched me. I'm very thankful and blessed by God," Justin said.

Justin plans to be back on the job - co-anchoring both the 6 and 10 Thursday. He said it's a good thing the curtain has been added under the glass table so he can hide is leg.

Justin always tries to keep a good sense of humor about things, but, he's going to face some challenges when he comes back tomorrow.

He will be in a wheelchair for awhile---and he'll move to crutches after he gets his balance back. Doctors say it could be may before he walks on his leg again.


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