And the survey says ... Most happy with Tyler city services, neighborhoods

TYLER MORNING TELGRAPH (KYTX) - Most Tylerites are happy with city services and the quality of their neighborhoods.

That is among the findings of a survey conducted last year.

The results were presented today to community leaders helping to chart Tyler's future.

Danny Mogle from our news partners at the Tyler paper joins with more on the findings.

Danny, residents were asked to identify the most pressing issues the city faces.  

what was the top response?

More than anything residents said traffic management. The issue of traffic and traffic congestion came up several times in the residents survey.

It seems to indicate that traffic flow, light synchronization and even street medians are on a light of peoples minds.

Residents also rated the quality of city services. How is the city doing?

The vast majority did not have complaints about such common city services as trash collection, water quality and customer service.

For example 90 percent responded that they were either satisfied or very satisfied with garbage collection.

How do city officials plan to use all this information?

They say this is the type of information they need as they plan for the future and deal with the issues that are most important to residents.

The meeting today was to launch was is being called the Tyler First Steering Committee.

The committee has been assigned the challenged of revamping the old Tyler 21 plan that city uses as a blueprint for development and progress.

For more survey findings, see Dayna Worchel's story in tomorrow's paper.


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