Angelina Deputy delivers baby, in back seat of the parents truck

Shelby County residents trying to find new tenant at now-closed hospital

LUFKIN (KYTX) - Angelina County patrol Deputy Amanda Lee knows how to deal with the un-expected. In a Recorded call to emergency crews you know it's something 

"I need a medic to twin oak like stat... We have a baby being born," said Angelina County Patrol Deputy Amanda Lee.

Without enough time to gain her composure or grab gloves. "I proceeded to deliver the baby."

It was around 1 o'clock Monday morning just as Deputy Lee took her post directing drivers away from the fallen tree in the middle of the road. When she saw headlights and soon saw this man asking for help

"The way he was acting, his body language I immediately knew something was wrong."

His wife was in the backseat of his truck ...four days past her due date and she was clearly in labor.

"She was crowning , there was really no option the baby was coming," said Lee.

Deputy Lee said it only took minutes for little Chloe Amanda to be born into the world.

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't terrified," Lee said.

Despite the fear, she did well... as cries ring clear on emergency recordings...a sign of a healthy baby.



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