Anonymous "Million Mask March" to take place in Tyler

TYLER (KYTX) - A group simply called "Anonymous is preparing to kick off it's "Million Mask March". Anonymous is a global group that believes the government has gotten off track. Member want to put it back in the hands of the people.

Anonymous supporters say, the ever present government eye is watching our phone, internet and life activity, along with creating unconstitutional regulation. They say that interference needs to stop.

"People should not be afraid of their government, government should be afraid of their people," said Nick Jones. He's an Anonymous supporter.

He along with Richard Vickers are organizing a local march that is a branch of the bigger "Million Mask March."

In reference to the government Vickers said, "Enough is enough and we're putting you on notice."

Tuesday November 5, more than 400 branches of Anonymous across the country and globe will put on the mask of British terrorist Guy Fawkes.

History says, Fawkes along with several other men conspired to blow up the British Parliament in the 17th century. While some may view the mask negatively, Anonymous members say that's not the message they carry.

"This is peaceful...the second we throw the first punch, we counteracted everything we try  to stand for," said Jones.

Jones and Vickers said, the mask was adopted to illustrate government opposition and to allow participants to remain anonymous. Some may believe the group is just a radical group looking to overthrow the government.

"We  just see what's happening  around us and we're standing up for it," Jones said.

He and Vickers say other east Texans can join them in making that stand.

"Show up at the march and speak your voice, it's our  right to do that." 

In Tyler, the masked march will take place in front of the Smith County Courthouse at 10:00 Tuesday morning.

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