Arkansas mom on reality show arrested for allegedly raping minor

SHERWOOD, Ark. (KTBS) -A Sherwood woman known for her role on a cheer competition reality show, has been charged with raping a minor. The TLC show is about a team of competitive cheerleaders from Sherwood and their mothers.

Thirty-four year old Andrea Clevenger turned herself in to police Tuesday, January 14. She has been released but has to wear a GPS ankle monitoring bracelet. KATV has not heard her side but obtained the affidavit, a written account made under oath by the victim. It can be used in court.

The 13 year old gave a detailed account of the sexual encounters he alleges happened between October and November with Andrea Clevenger. It is too graphic to quote.

Sherwood police say they were notified of the accusations through the child abuse hotline after the parents found graphic text messages and pictures in their son's phone.

No one answered the door at the Clevenger home when a Channel Seven crew knocked. The teen spent time there because he is friends with the family. It is where he says Clevenger made advances and they had intercourse on the couch.

On other occasions, she allegedly drove him to secluded areas of the city and they engaged in sexual acts.

Without going into detail, Kevin Knight, the owner of Cheer Time Revolution tells Channel Seven that Clevenger has not been to the gym in about 4-months." In a written statement he explained:

Cheer Time Revolution officially has no comment on the private life of any person other than staff members as we do not control individuals lives. As the event that took place to cause this statement are a concern to us, Cheer Time Revolution takes every precaution to ensure the staff and athletes are always in a safe environment through character checks and professional certifications.

The person in question never held an official position or unofficial appointed by Cheer Time Revolution.

The person in question has not been a part of the gym in over 4 months.

Any publication of statements or speculation that involve the Cheer Time Revolution name other than the verbatim press statement will be subject to all applicable laws and regulations. Cheer Time Revolution has a zero tolerance for misinformation or speculation.

In regards to the show Cheer Perfection, we again have no comment on cast and all inquires should be directed to the Discovery Network Public Relations team.

Police were able to find 32 images on the victim's phone. They say most were close ups of female body parts.

The victim's mother told police she got an apology from Clevenger and she allegedly said quote, "he doesn't act thirteen" and told the mother she would enter rehab.

Subsequent to that investigation, detectives sought warrants for Clevenger through the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney of Pulaski County, charging her with one count of rape, a "Y" felony, and one count of engaging children in sexually explicit conduct for use in a visual or print medium, a "B" felony.

The prosecutor's office approved the affidavits and the Sherwood District Court issued those warrants on January 13, 2014. On January 14, 2014, Clevenger surrendered to the Court, represented by her attorney, and she was released on bond, with GPS monitoring.


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