As gas prices raise, your car performance could help conserve gas

TYLER (KYTX) - Triple A says the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded in the US is $3.66. It's around $3.56 in east Texas. While driving can't change what they see at the pump they have some control on how long they can make their gas last.

It's agreed at pumps across the country and in east Texas.

"What do you think about these gas prices...what do I think..I think they're too high," said east Texas driver Nakia Black

Richard Mallard said, "Let me tell you something about these gas prices...they're a little too high."  

Randy Russell, the owner of Engines Express said your car plays a large role in how long you're gas lasts.

"We want to do what we can to try to get as many miles as we can out of each gallon of gas. So that's where proper car maintenance comes in," Russell said.

He said that means tune-ups, oil changes, and even making sure you're tire pressure is right to keep your car running efficiently. That's because the harder it has to work, the more fuel you'll lose.

On top of all the scheduled maintenance mechanics say you should take, to conserve that gas, there's also some things you can do as a driver by yourself to further cut down on your lose of gas.

The US Department of Energy say to drive sensibly. Driving erratic with constant stops and speeding burns gas. Remove excess weight from your car, avoid excess idling and using cruise control could also save you.

Gas experts say summer gas prices could reach a five year high if they keep rising.



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