As temperatures increase, Police say so will crime

As temperatures increase, Police say so will crime

LONGVIEW/GREGG COUNTY (KYTX) - You strap your laces, put your earphones in and run. But while your breaking a sweat and burning calories, are you thinking about your safety?

"I do worry about it and I mean I constantly look behind me, I'm watching my surroundings, you know, just looking out for anything."
Or anyone, Carmen Marcos runs the Paul G. Boorman trail several times a week, most of the time alone. But she does make one important phone call before her feet hit the ground running.
"I call my husband and I'm like hey I'm fixing to go run so if I haven't called you in 30 minutes than call and check on me."
It's the first of many precautions you can take.
   Longview police say you should also:
  1. Avoid dark or isolated areas 
  2. Try to carry your cell phone with you  
  3. Try going in groups  
  4. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, get away from them   
  5. If someone is acting suspicious call police   
  Martial Arts Director, Brian Olsen, says fog horns, whistles, tasers and mace can also come in handy.
 "Anything that's going to draw attention in case you get into any type of environment where someone's attacking you."
   Because if you are attacked by a predator...
 "I would just run for my life."
 "We need to protect ourselves because we don't know the men or people out here, so I think it's good that the women pay attention and know to be safe."
The Longview police department says the best thing you can do if you're out by yourself or with a partner is to listen to your conscience. If you do find yourself in danger, make sure you always have a plan. 


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